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NEWS! You can download Fuzone app code on github now! Click below to go and download it.

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Fuzone is a young italian team of passionate engineers that develop custom DSP solutions for challenging tasks in various fields of Science where complex math problems need to be solved. Some of our solutions are incorporated in Apps both for Ios and Android.

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Apps Features

Our 3 main rules!

MultiOS support

We target both Android and iOS platforms

Optimized DSP Library

The core of the application is based on an speed optimised , cross-platform dsp library.

Easy of Use

All the Apps are developed trying to make the user experience as easy as possible with intuitive menus and interfaces.

Why Choose Fuzziness

By choosing fuzziness you can benefit of our on-hands experience on different field of Science from computer to telecommunications, walking through audio and spectral analysis combined with sensor fusion techniques.
We can help you in finding the right dsp solution that best fit your needs.

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Usb2MIDI Interface

By using a standard Usb2Midi Interface you can establish a cable wired connection between the App and a standard MIDI instrument.

OSC Interface

A wireless connection can be used to control a virtual instrument using the Open Sound Control Protocol.


All the available controllers can be dragged and dropped onto the Interface to obtain the ideal configuration for your live or studio recordings.

Sensor Fusions

All the controllers can be used in a standard way or in conjunction with an Digital Signal processing algorithm that filters the input from one of the device (microphone, accelerometers…) sensors.